My Brother is Getting Married

I will have to head off down to Sea Island this week to go see my brother get married. I have one last chance to save him.

Also a confession: even though I had a U2 cover all queued up and approved by the choir director - and had convinced myself that I could do it. I backed out of it - not sure exactly why but glad that I did. I'm not the most religious person in the world, mind you. But going to church on sunday is time well spent. I think my golf game needed to have me down with everyman out there this past weekend. Glad to be there too. In place of the U2 cover I recorded three songs friday evening. I posted them in-world and will use them to help build a music sphere.

Play muffled drums. The females have tied one more down. There will not even be a bachelor party. It is now Certain . a clue, to my real last name.

Now, Off to the salt mines. Here's place where you can go to make sure its all tax money well spent. I have discovered complete global anarchy but after having a little experience in both this, and other spaces - lets say .. diplomacy and governance - has the scent inevitability.. PS.The two most important words you will ever learn in marriage - they are: "Yes, Dear."