It just hit me today that I have no idea what foreplay is. It was a real revelation. I mean, maybe a long time ago I remember it. But all of a sudden I just realized that whatever I did know about it I've probably forgotten. Wow. Man.

I wonder if there's some place I can go to , to learn things like cuddling and foreplay and that kind of thing. As a CEO I am so used to the way they do it in business. (with no apologies to incubus)

.. And if you let them fuck you
There will be no foreplay
They're gonna fuck you
Till your ass is blue and gray

There is nothing wrong with me that the sub six minute mile will not fix. This I know. I will get that mother down and then all else is on the table. Today at sunset. Steep hills. Sub six. or die. Probably an equal chance of both.

Will they play NIN in a zero G honeymoon suite ?