Hearts and Thoughts

"There is still a difference between something and nothing, but it is purely geometrical and there is nothing behind the geometry." - Martin Gardner - 1956

I've found through long experience that just when your heart seems to break its likely growing. Little ones can work their way into your heart very quickly, and make it grow. Sometimes people say that one can claim more at the expense of another but it is a good indicator of whether or not you're really getting there, if you realize even after the fact that maybe your heart just grew a bit. Later in the day, or whenever. There have been big-hearted people in my life, I have been blessed in that way. And they've always seemed to be not only interested in doing the right thing, or being in the right place at the right time, or helping others or whatever the general philanthropist would otherwise do - but also teaching others how to help and be good. For example, you might be on a trail somewhere and a newbie comes up alongside of you and you can say a kind word and watch them get a bit stronger. Its not really clear why good people do good things. The cold view is that its just game theory, and after a certain N level, altruism is the best strategy.

We can struggle with a double hermeneutical approach. But the magic is, to me, at least, that like an idea - that if you share it, it doesn't go away - but maybe even becomes stronger. Not like money, where if you give it away, you have none, and they have some. But rather, if you share your ideas, sometimes they get stronger - so like that, I think, your heart grows a little bit.

Once there was a woman who had lost her only child. She went everywhere to see if there was a cure, even though her child was dead - she sought a way to bring him back to life. Finally, she heard that there was a wise man who had a cure. So she went to see him. And jesus said. "I will cure him. Bring me mustard seed, a handful." and so she agreed, and as she left - he added "but, it must be from a house where a parent, or spouse, or servant has not died". So she agreed, and left to find the mustard seed. She went to several houses, and each had a story to tell. ?In one, a spouse had been killed. Another, a child had died from the flu. Still, a third, a servant had been thrown into a reaver and had been killed. And after searching, she suddenly realized that she had not been alone and she returned to the wise man. He said "You thought you had been alone in your suffering, but the law of death for living creatures is that there is no permanence among them".

Stars. Songs. Faces. Like a network. Touching other lives. Lightning first builds up a network before it strikes. Step leaders in a lightning storm cloud work their way out through the cloud itself, drawing up charge from the ground. In me I sense a positive feeler leaning its way out of me up into the storm, waiting to connect. When they will connect, the step leader, to the feeler - the first step leader branches discharge, then recursively up through the cloud, in microseconds. The sand beneath my feet blown in an instant into stained glass.

Rocket Gibraltar: She loved you. But she knew I needed her.