Belief System

One of my best friends lived and worked with Mother Teresa for five years. He told me , that when he asked her .. "Should I change my faith, to Catholic?" MT (that was her nickname) said.. "Whatever you do, be the best. And when HE calls you, you will know it."

Its hard to weave things into a coherent system. Beliefs are theories that end up getting tested against real world stuff. I have been trained to remove myself from the equation whenever I can. I have also learned the power of faith. I am not sure how things knit together. They do. Just not sure how.

Once a punk. Always a punk.

I believe that dancing in the middle of an abandoned catholic chapel is not sacriledge. Even if the dance began with someone carrying a cross and wearing a face mask that had blood on it, slowly walking into the center of the mosh pit.

I believe that kids understand things we don't. They are more alive than us. Sometimes. I want lots of little kids.

I tell myself sometimes that I can tell ghost stories that scare you. They say I can relate far too many .. vivid .. details of demons and black wraiths. And spirits that live just outside of your view. I will let you feel the air grow slightly colder. I will let you feel your own pulse.

I believe in Anarchy. And regulation. If that makes any sense at all. I believe in Thomas Jefferson. And Ben Franklin. And HL Mencken. And Plato. And Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac.