Koyaaniqatsi - Phil Glass

This one is a prize. The search string is in swahili, with a composer who has a common object name. It is subject to misspellings. I have looked for this one for +years+. If I can find the other three in the cycle I will they are all powerful. I am outside the door of the bank where the committee is meeting about my company and this was my previously favorite search challenge. The other two are: Powaqaatsi and the Damn-I-can't-even-rememberthe-name-Qatsi. But they are damn good films. Powaqaatsi is the next one to bag. Enjoy this. I can't watch it here/ sound is off. Everyone at my office is waiting for me to signal whether or not we made it. They have been phone off the hook in there for the last hour. Its alot of money. I am bored out of my mind. You wait for an hour. Speak for five minutes. Then wait another hour. I don't normally pray at times like this. I surf. Seriously enjoy this thing. Its totally cool. - Today of all places to crack this nut. And in a bank lobby no less. Damn. Is this a good sign?


If you believe in signs, then the fulfilment of your dream search portents only wonderful and good and exciting challenges into tomorrow.

What a joy to be along for part of the ride!

Lady Sheridanne