Burning Life

Looks like there will be a Burn after all.. I am in a land auction today in SL to petition for a Burning Life exhibit. The focus of the exhibit will be on voice transformations and voice RP. Its sort of a test site, where people can alter their avies and voices so that anyone can take a form they seek, voice, furry, dragon - and then try out the voice on their friends.

I am not exactly sure how to do it. I do know that I'm going to dust off my trusty music sphere and get it set up with my stream server so that I can get it working right. I hope to be able to announce a modified camp design here. I have the voice transform boxes on the way. I am trying to scrap up the money for it, its quite a bit of cash. I hope to have them by friday.

Burning Life (the Burning Man Exhibit in SL) 2007 is a better forum for what I was trying to do, and being that it was my first camp I think its probably better than I take a parcel in Burning Life and get on with it there.

It will take some doing. I am looking forward to it. I am pretty happy about how everything is going. Also I happened to notice that the person who is organizing Burning Life runs a business that actually lets him make a living at it, from the proceeds. I hope that whatever I do there in SL I can make it so that I am not upside down.

Hey. Worked here for this website. Might as well there. My guiding principle here is that if you want to be a female in SL, you have every right to have a female voice. And likewise, for the lord of evil.


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