Its Bravery

I am so scared I am completely rooted to the spot. Everything around me is coming out in vivid contrasts. I can hear the blades of grass rustling against each other over in the pasture.

My mind drifts (I know you are +shocked+ to hear this.). I think of a girl I used to know. I smile.

What? Why is everyone cheering. They think I'm brave or something. Wow. I had better go with this.

Back then , what happened next was everyone went off to battle and killed all kinds of enemies. Grr.

But 21st century so I guess what happens now is about 64 Indians are all going to suddenly rush into my office and do a dance here in perfect unison. I will smile for the camera and look surprised. :o I am so in love with you :)


Hope this is about what I think it is about.

So does this mean you can finally relax and take time for your wife? That would be good !

Hope you enjoy being missed....