.. or has it just begun ? firstborn unicorn. hardcore soft porn


And who would this be pointed to? In Oz, we have a saying: "It's never over until the fat lady sings." I have not heard any singing yet by anyone. Wonder when it will end?

Thats a good saying.
Well this was a .. whats the word.. unproductive .. day.

Did a post over at My-D that only drew in 12 comments about half of them 'hey, your style is great, but.. wtf did you say'.

i don't know.
i think what happens is we have these things inside of us sometimes.

maybe I'm just writing to sort of let go of the incubus concert.

i wanted to go. :(
looks like I wont.
/me hug

this is a special, way-too-long, Sheridanne hug, meant to elicit giggles.

Enjoy, not every day turns out a peach !!