Don't Look Back - Boston [Live]

A rock band comprised mostly of ex-engineering students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I had friends there. I remember what they told me about the social life. She said
"The motto of MIT is 'Mans et Manus', which latin for 'Mind and Hand'. Gives you a good idea of the social life there as well."
MIT. The Georgia Tech of the North. >:) / Whave you flown, Krystal Bird?


But how do you so crawl into my head and know!

It is fear that I fear and that fear is the fear that you will not be there...and so I only want to run away before you hurt me...before I let myself fall and fall and fall and fall and hope you are there to catch me.

Don't look back!! I don't know where else to look for wisdom here.

I have crash landed so many times with the promised one not there, that I simply am too afraid. How do you KNOW this about ME? HOW?