Dates with Dad

Good idea. It works.

Not sure why "Dates with Mom" don't seem to work in my view. At least, I can't really visualize them. (I am a highly symbolic thinker, I tend to see pictures of things, just like people with Aspergers syndrome..if I can't see it it sometimes just disappears to me. But its still there. I forced myself to be a math person + now I am ok except when anyone says "BlackBriar" and then I get all kinds of flashbacks.) Grandparents get special days with grandchildren. I just can't visualize "Dates with Mom" as easily. I wonder if it is because I am a man. One thing. India, for some reason - is vivid in my memory. I remember at Fatephur - Sikri, the peacock. And the dull gray hen. Why is it reversed for human beings? Why is it that I hunt the female, while they hunt the male?

What's the point of sex, even to begin with? Well besides offspring. I mean, why not like, split apart into two like a big amoeba? Its more effecient. Waste less time with candy and flowers and that sort of thing.

Theres this idea that someone once told me about to explain why sexual selection helps evolution. It was called the red queen theory, + goes something like , if I can remember that we defeat the rapid mutation of viral forms of life (who reproduce and mate and go through entire generations, in like, a week) -- by use of a library of solved problems. Repeated sequences. The red queen is always running in one place. They mutate faster, but they repeat themselves. So like a series of trophies on the wall, and the stories to go with them - our DNA sequences carry the memory of every battle we ever fought.

Sexual selection comes into play when the female spies that the DNA sequences of a particular male's feather pattern are not interrupted. That is, a virus hits you by cutting and pasting a sequence of his or her own DNA into your very own and its there to stay if the mutation holds. This is why we have all these unexpressed sequences (i think). So too many of those, and your feathers get ruffled.

Somehow, the male is the natural dominant in our species and the female looks good (some of them. great! (did not name anyone here. know better than to do that)).. Maybe its because males are born sickly + weak and the females bond more closely to them (if the structure exists). The net effect is that mutations end up being more easily secured through the broad population, because we don't end up having a flattend Y chromosone as a result of young male die-off. Really, little boys are born messed up. They are more naturally given to all kinds of problems, and are much more prone to things such as aspergers syndrome and the like. Females are a different story altogether.

Are we looking for stability? As a species? Maybe in the females we are seeing bloodlines of families, XX rated. I don't know what the female peackock sees but for we human males the images of certain women (usually named amber) get burned into our mind and somehow, carried around +continually+ , sort of like a sports illustrated swimsuit edition might accidentally get into your carry on luggage.

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It might be that the other species actually do get into "Dates with Mom" instead of Dates with Dad . And then so mom, who might even be carrying, has to sit down and eat ice cream for dinner and then go play mini golf. And the child is born with an innate urge to look for ford F150 pickup trucks that have a towing setup on them already.

(Assumes voice of mallory knox) No. There is NO escape! :-) Dates with Dad are cool. Go. Celebrate her just being your daughter (works best if she gets straight A's on her report card, find a reason of your own). Buy her dinner. Whatever. Just go do a date with dad, Special time even if you're a stay-at-home-dad, doesn't matter. The little one will dig it in a special way. My friend sent three of his daughters to the Ivy League Univ. Guy was a lousy golfer, passable Engineer, a good friend. He told me about this trick + how it worked with his kids. His(3) daughters rocked hard. They're all like really, strong people now.

One other thing while I am sort of in the back of my mind thinking about the SL project I am semi-involved in (Arda) - and on this thread - I think we should do "Dates with Dad" there. The necessary relationships to execute the sim focus goal require tight familial and interfamilial interactions. Pluse its a great way for daughters of dwarven kings and elves and vampires to know just where they fit in. Or where they don't. Now this might be difficult, especially for those lucky parents of semi-immortal, semi-obnoxious telepathic teenagers with a penchant for weaponry and being tomboys (can you guess who I am talking about? heh heh heh). I get out of jail free.. I'm not dad to anything else in there except the work of pure dischord (I have a desk job) **

For what its worth , the SL character I play in-world doesn't have a mother. I and my brothers and sisters ate her whole when we were just born. It would come up at dinnertime. Its always an awkward moment. Usually accompanied with much nervous clinking of the silverware..

** this is the theory anyway..