New Mexico

New Mexico is a special place to me. The flag is a yellow banner with a red symbol that looks somewhat like a compass. The land starts from the north, at the end of the Rocky Mountains, to the south, and the White Sands desert. A place where the sand is so brilliant you have to put sunscreen on your throat to protect from the reflection of the sun off the ground.

We had gila monster parties there. If there is such a thing as neuroplastic memory recovery I would love have memories of them back. A gila monster is a cold blooded creature. So they are slow in the early morning. You get a sack or backpack or something and go out into the desert and find them and you can almost quite literally pick them up while they're cold. They are slow moving and bright and easy to spot. Their bit contains a neurotoxin so deadly that its one of the most toxic substances known to man. Death comes in immediate waves. The africa green mamba, the poisonous sea snake and the florida coral snake are its friends at the top five of the things in the world that can kill you in this manner. The thing about it is, the Gila Monster has to grind his venom into you. He has really small teeth. So a good boot keeps your foot safe.

Now, the thing to remember is that if a party isn't going anywhere - the floor and the room will be quiet and cool. So everyone stands in a circle and you let the Gila Monster out of the sack in the middle of the floor. Natural adrenaline helps things get off to a good start and pretty soon the little gila monster is moving across the floor to somone's boot. If he bites you, you have to take a drink.

There are places in New Mexico I could show you where you would swear this isn't New Mexico. But they're secret. So I'm not going to tell you about them. Instead I'm going to tell you about someone who lived there today. Go here .


Good work on "here" blog. You spent time considering things....just your style.

And the dd was well done -- does this mean you are famous now...?

Do I have to be nice to you now?
The point at which I start talking to people instead of at them is where I become human.

I am actualy a fun person if you got to know me. I suffer from tops disease fairly badly but I have some pretty strong ways to correct it so given a little time I'll be ok.

mydd will be ongoing. I try my best. I hope things sing for you.

I still think some of the dialogue that you capture in your work is better.

it would be nice if you were nice to me but ... I heard you were dead. did, like a house fall on you or something. oh wait that was the wicked witch of the.. oh heck. never mind.

(can't seem to get the crash test dummies out of my head)