See Emily Play

Driving Backwards with You .. (The Slip) she posted here when I was sleeping.. furiously..

My in-world friend Emilly Orr was published by either interview or prose in the Australian Edition of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Likely done in excellent style. As, I am sure, you will find Emily Orr herself. Owner, The Original Train Wreck Love Life. --->

.. But I once a good source there, she was very reliable. .. I can ask, if anyone wants a copy? Wow. Nice Emily! Good work. >:) And Good work landing something at Bare Rose. Thats awesome. Ok .. so who wants a copy..?


Emilly Orr said…

*scurries off*

*scurries back*

It's issue #410, apparently.

*scurries off again*
hummmm....I will see what I can do from this side of the world.

Lady Sheridanne