William Wallace [ Braveheart]

I am +supposed+ to be related to William Wallace (Wallensis). All I know is that the movie was wrong: there were two uncles that raised William. One, was a priest (scribe) and the other a warrior. There was no "uncle argyle". He is a mashup of the two. And they say he died childless.. but there is a family legend that there is a ring from a certain princess.... they say.. its a ruby.


Oh Turner, this hurt me! Please don't hurt me! Please just hold me and promise I will be brave because of our combined strength.

You have the power now ...

... ok.

sure. but um. for what its worth.
william wallace was my distantly related ancestor.

I mean, I also know that a guy named herzberg was one of my related ancestors too...

:-) he was good with numbers.
I , um. I just posted this because I always wondered if my mom was "stretching" the truth when she said that my grandmother wallace was from william wallace's
line ( she lived alone all her life, died at the age of 100. played golf the day before she died. )

um. Honestly? I think I probably take more after Herzberg.

I am not entirely sure of this and I haven't seen the ring. My uncle , the one who is supposed to have it, has been planning to sail the carribean for the last twenty years of his life..

I can tell you we all do a pretty good job of dying... not as good as william wallace though..

I um.

If I were in this position?


there's this quote by jack handey that comes to mind . you know " deep thoughts" by jack handey...

"If you define cowardice as running away at the first sign of danger, screaming and tripping and begging for mercy, then yes, Mister Brave Man, I guess I am a coward. "

um. well I guess that says it, if I were there. ug. having your guts ripped out.

i mean I had some pretty hard exams in grad school. but. ...


the story in the family is that after this, they cut off his head and put it on a pole on the london bridge.

then they took his limbs and posted them at the four corners of england, one for every direction of the compass. They had riders go until they stopped + then set the arm or leg there.

++ shivers +++