Off to the Doc

I have declared today, official fix-a-friend day. First. off to the doc for an ear check and a severe hypertension exam. Then I am going to get her to a person she can trust to talk out the reason why she refuses to acknowledge, medicate, or monitor a fatal health condition. Her rationale: "If I knew , it would make me depressed." Doesn't cut it with me anymore.

I looked into IRB and found that I am not crossing any lines by recommending medical or other treatment as long as it is voluntary on her behalf and not directly related with my research. I can't remember. Something about 1979. Whatever.

All that noise about "place god first" finally came home with me when I realized that as another living human being on this planet it doesn't matter whether or not I am breaking any mortal laws - I have a person here that I am not going to sit by and watch her fly apart. And so I will be out of pocket for awhile. Off to Johns Creek or whatever other new name they call their tax break these days.

Try to be keen about what happens in the world, after 9:00 pm tonight or so. Just take a moment tonight precisely at 9:00 pm to see everything in vivid detail. After 9:00 pm. It will be different. .. we're going to be swinging dead cats around by the tail in the middle of a cemetery ..>:)