Married. Buried.

And if you want to go high, go high. And if you want to go low, go low. 'Cause there's a million ways to go , you know you know that there are. . its down to either karaoke or seeing the new bourne film tonight . last night of fun... why is it that its the only night I've actually scheduled to go do anything? I love the film harold and maude. There are real people like that out there somewhere. Maude I mean.


Lola Starr said…
Exactly it's part of who I am so why can't I talk about it? I'm writing this for me not for you guys except maybe to let people know that everyone has a story so don't label people. If it's not something you want to read, then don't. I never said things don't get better I'm merely saying sometimes it takes awhile to get there.
Karma you're ok. The post was fragmented but it was fine.

Again I am not saying things are supposed to get better, either.

look. Here's a way to think about things. what if all the experiences you're talking about there. were like a software program , you were writing.

some virus code gets kept so you know how to defend against virus code. others are merely deflected.

the point is to trust that the skein of your experience somehow matched the thread of your life to the point where , if there is any objectivity here - you may be at a turning point.

Or something I guess. I should probably delete these comments but what the heck.

Er what I meant to say in above was that the skein of your experience helped define your self to the point where it is now.

And that there could be every reason that is an adaptive thing.

The post is fine girl.
Lola Starr said…
Okay. Sorry, opening up about my life has made me a bit...snappish at times. But yes, I agree. Everything's that happened to me happened for a reason and has made me who I am today. And I'm trying to figure out who exactly I am nowadays. 7 months of therapy hasn't really helped but writing on my blog about this stuff, kinda has.
Karma you are dead solid perfect right. About four years ago I was completely paranoid of my government and I did a stint for two years as a political blogger.

Lord. I am now completely adept at all things politic and in full control of my relevant levels of power as a constituent and voice. I have gotten +things done+ karma.

And I knew absolutely +nothing+.

I think we're all sort of complementary. Can you imagine somehow my complement would be someone who works for the Fed?
Of all things? Er. at least I think she does...

At any rate, yeah. Definitely. Blogging can really do things for you. It has for me. I am glad to be pulled back here and just writing about kinky sex.

(I am on an evolution jag right now)

more time to you :)