An Unfinished Life

John F. Kennedy had a painful , and exotic life that ended by an assassins bullet in Texas in 1963.

Similiar to Governor Bill Richardson, JFK had pursued international affairs and diplomacy. His graduate thesis was "Appeasement at Munich". The paper studied and disagreed with Neville Chamberlain's decision to meet Hitler at Munich and advocated taking a diplomatic stance against Appeasement, however made the prediction that 1939 England would have rejected war. (cf. for an internal perspective from within Germany, "Letter from Thomas Mann to the Dean of The University" - from Archives. This is the first post that was ever written on this blog. I mean, so what right. But still the idea of appeasement, from both an internal and external perspective was ill received by Mann and his letter serves as a guidepost for collecting oneself in the face of institutionalized corruption).

John Kennedy was the worlds fastest public speaker. He was clocked by the Guiness book of World Records Dec. 1961 at 327 words per minute. He was a scratch golfer, but felt really weird about playing and attempted to hide the fact that he was a golfer, because of his views on how the presidency should be portrayed and his disagreement with the almost corporate-appointed Eisenhower and his very public image as a golfer. He didn't want people to think he was just golfing and not working. JFK was polyamorous. A quote attributed to him :

"I'm never through with a woman until I've had her three different ways"

JFK lived with pain and though his sex life was robust, he was physically injured and suffered excruciating pain from a herniated disk in his spine. And many other medical conditions. Unredoubted sexual prowess masked this fact. It is highly likely that part of JFK's ability to perform sexually depended in part on his ability to ignore or properly mask pain.

And so, thanks to 95.5% accuracy training on the shooting range, that excluded the teachings of our lord Buddha. Or the Goddess Kali. Or christ or any of the superfriends. Lee Harvey Oswald took JFKs life. The shot came in from a nearly impossible angle but, we can be assured that Oswald dissociated from him self and as the shooter made it an academic exercise to spatter in the mouth of a woman who had just recovered from three miscarriages, bits of brain and blood of her husband seated next to her. And just like that, John Kennedy was dead and Lyndond Johnson was on Air Force One joking about how he always wanted Kennedy to suck his cock and unzipped the black body bag to illustrate the point.

With Johnson's ties to corporate America and Texas Big oil, unprecedent power over American political institutions was handed to a political molecule with an insatiable appetite for conflict.

And yet. In Kennedy's unfinished life. There is a story to be told. Go to the wikipedia article here and carefully read Kennedy's position on Immigration.

Someone is trying to rewrite it. Watch how that article will go through canonical decomposition until it at last arrives at the accurate, referenced and footnoted historical record of JFK's polices on immigration. Better still, login, check one or two footnotes, make sure things are correct. Logout. Enjoy your work.

Any wikipedia article will by first definition remain an unfinished tale. But it will represent the correct and true history of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. And when Wikipedia's sister site, Leak-ipedia (spelled right? hey I got weird spelled right tonight..) - a site dedicated to maintaining an anonymous, easily updated archive of leaked government documents and information from various governments. Some of whom we would consider first world. When that site goes live.... and it might already be in go-live state right now... then we will see which site is really the cat's ass. But for now. An unfinished life. And an unfinished post on my blog. The political engine still revs. - The parallel I see to governor Bill Richardson in JFK is of little consequence. I am not objective. However. The stakes are that Iraq and Iran will be ceded to the European Union in 10 years and China will have pulled the Kansas city shuffle on the US in Nigeria. And the free roads and highways they built there, China. The bringer of gifts. Every highway and solid overpass immortalizing their intutive understanding that an American bound in the pursuit of an unjustifiable and injust war against an innocent country, would be too busy to notice them actually stealing away in the middle of the night with one out of ever five barrels the world produces while we battle now for the bottom of one.

And how a half formed strategy of appeasement to K street dominates every political move in the United States and remains the only unspoken criticism of either party. Because they, and everyone around them have been paid off. Dear colorless reader. Lets make it so that they will have to pay you off. Why not write a letter of the day, to your favorite K Street Lobbyist and ask him or her to take you out to a 200 dollar a plate dinner? Or better still, fly you for free somewhere, say, for a thousand dollars? When K street has to foot the bill to the people that are paying the salaries of the people they are trying to bribe - even if it is legalized bribery. They will go back to their used car parking lots, and selling amway door to door and we will go back to being the unfinished story of a country trying to find its way as a beacon of democracy. And maybe then Americans may finally get tired of becoming the best entertained, and least informed people in the world.

America, you might argue - isn't worth getting tied up into knots for , because it simply isn't as relevant now as China, or a host of other countries. That in and of itself may be. But in the past, we have had a good track record of finding democracy and promoting it, the last 30 years or so being notable exceptions. Democracy weighs the worth of the invidual life. Its important we get this straight. Because cloning is just around the corner.. and even though the man is at rest in field of green behind an eternal flame. There's still plenty of DNA to go around.