70.3 and Me

There are a ton of 70.3's out there, and they're way easier to get into than Lake Placid. If there is a full somewhere out there I will prep for and enter that but I'm going to tune things into a 70.3 simply because I'm pretty sure I can find one. I think the ghost of the person I am running this for will be happy enough. It's not going to be much fun turning myself into a ghost just to get it done.

My weight is right at 209, and its been there for almost nine months despite boxes of donuts and a nonstop diet of junk food. Detox worked. I am completely recentered on that weight. Getting to a bar of 10 points off my BMI will probably recenter me again around 190. The largely sedentary desk job that I work at for fun and profit will push me off that range, but I figure if I go back to eating breakfast, skipping lunch - and working out I will be able to keep that mass index.

That's kind of a big deal, because the next part of this equation is to get the bike. I have decided to open up training on my mountain bike. It will be a good way to go because I live at the base of a hill and it will make me feel like I am flying on wings when I get on the road bike. Another part of all of this has to do with the fact that the road bikes are still pretty freaking expensive and I don't have the cash. If I am going to be running this thing for the ghost of Sadhana I will look for something to arrive from India or the world before I pull the trigger on a Craigslist Tri Bike. Cannondale FTW. But the main thing is, why spend so much to pare the weight of the bike down when I would be pulling weight along with my marital midriff. So. Thats one part of this down. For now.

Finally, its going to be about nutrition and planning. And I'm not ready for that. I have a pizza in the fridge. For some reason, everything I cook is making me barf. The pizza is loaded with Jalapenos .. I think they are the "Montezuma's Revenge" brand. My head is still swirling with the thought of wasabi and soy sauce flavored almonds, but I am finishing the bag. There has to be a way to switch gears and cook healthy food for my little ones and myself - I am not sure how. I have befriended a foodie, my hope is that some of the cooking technique will rub off. My backup plan is just to head down to St. Simons in three days and run on the beach. After all my little nephew is due in four days. I love how they're doing it... "I have everything all planned out". Watch what happens. Its gonna be great.

And of course, I can eat some toesies out there. Toesies have zero calories but lots of sugar. =D

So. Where were we? Ok. Right. BMI. Bike. Nutritionals. Oh yeah. The run... I seriously hate the run. I think my problem is that I run slow. I'm afraid to run fast. I have a mountain in back of me now, so I'm going to run that thing until I pass out. My guess is that if I run it hard it will feel good to run on flatland and then I can just pick out a 70.3 that will run fast and flat. Ok. Another goal, will be to get a good solid sub 45 minute 10k pace and get into the local 10k scene and post some good 45 and maybe even 40 minute 10k. A 10k is not so long that you feel like you will never finish it. Maybe even do a 5k at or around 20 minutes. Yeah. Right. I know what you're thinking. Talk is cheap. Its easy for me to talk about all of this.

Scarring on and inside my left leg is a variable. I'm hoping all of that will work out. Pollen count is down right now to where I am pretty sure I can carve a path through the air to run through as long as I use good posture.

And the pool opens in two days. I'm not worried about the pool. I was third place out of the swim in my first tri. I love the water. I like my new place. Swimming pool in the backyard FTW.

So. Ok. I know you've heard it before. But I'm going to do it. The consequences are severe. If I don't get back in shape and get the run wired I might just end up like Amber Dalton... I'm as slow as a herd of fertile turtles. I will piece this thing together and post back. Taxes today, and tomorrow. My daughter's special day. Then on to whatever works. Probably the standard six days on one day off run/swim/ bike - cooldown - run/bike/swim. Thing. The good thing about having done so many before is that you believe you can do it. But honestly, an Ironman is really almost impossible to visualize. Who wants to run a marathon after biking 100 miles? :) We shall see. Said the blind man.