Training for the 140-6

Long and slow. I did a six mile run yesterday, and I realized that the way I have to make this work - if its going to work at all - is to make it fun. So I stopped about halfway, sat down and watched the sunset.

A big problem with 140-6 training is that it takes up alot of time. I'm not sure how I am going to schedule it. But it felt good at last, to get out and run. So far, I have been either running or biking. But I think I am going to be able to merge them into a six mile/ 20 mile and be able to get all of it done 2 hours a day. Which in and of itself should be interesting.... how to get that done with two small kids at home... the bike is not a problem. Just bring them along part of the way, and drop them off at their friend's house.

But the run is going to be fun. My son and daughter will bike alongside. Did I say fun? I meant. Fun for them...


Anonymous said…
I am watching this new training program with some interest.