Six Kittens

All healthy. Mother cat had them on the top bunk, and so the kids climbed into bed with me and slept the night while mother cat took over the bed. This is the largest litter of little kittens we've ever had, and they are all healthy. Two small black and white ones, one tiger striped one. Not sure about the others because I leave it dark for mom and I am not interested in letting her know that I know where she is right now. I will let her recover and feed her well and then we will move the kittens and I will know more. I am not surprised that she had six. She was huge. She looked like a giant furry soccerball with cat paws rolling around our home. And her appetite was ravenous.

They were born yesterday at 3:33. If there is anyone from my former high school reading this who still believes I am some kind of cult leader, I guess the exact time of birth and number of cats probably means something to them. :-/

I'm glad she had them. We missed the cats that were taken in the dark from us. These cats are much more wary of the woods - it will be interesting to see how mother cat teaches the kittens to beware of the woods at night and still go there to hunt. We are thinking we will name one of them after the cat we lost. We don't know yet. I am trying to give them all a break and let them get strong before we move them and take pictures and the whole nine yards. Wow. Six cats. That brings the total in my home to ... nine. Six. Nine. Hmm...