Breakfast for Dinner

We ran together, my daughter and I - she on her bike and keeping a fairly good pace for about six or seven miles or so, then we parked the bike and ran together for another few miles.

Then we laid down on the porch and looked up at the sky and tried to find shapes in the clouds. My son was mixing up batter for pancakes and I decided I will run another few miles to the store and back with a proper breakfast for dinner.

They're happy. I'm happy. Funny thing about hope. It can do alot for you on long runs and getting you through a work day.

As were preparing the dinner my son went up to me and said.. Dad, is the motto of the United States of America ... 'EAT OR BE EATEN' ?

You know, if we had to update all the currency we've already printed from 'E Pluribus Unum' to that one, we'd give the counterfeiters a run for their money wouldn't we?


Anonymous said…
yea but it wouldn't exactly do anything for our relations with the french. what would we do with 'freedom fries'?
Anonymous said…
Eat them!