Day 1 - 6-Run/ 10-Bike - to the 140.6

I am going to try a program that will probably get me into trouble, but I have been informed by someone whom I love that there is a very great reward for me if I can drop 20 pounds (and she gain it).

And before we go there. No, I'm not a whore. I won't do this just to get laid. I'm not even doing it for a midlife crisis.

My aim for a 70.3 was a mistake. I know I can do the 140 Six, so I'm going to try. Today I'm going to put in a six mile run and a 10 mile bike. If this works I'm going to go forward with training in two disciplines a day - the goal being low mileage, long and slow - but in two different ways.

We had a fun discussion this morning, my kids and I. I made them fresh biscuits with homemade guacamole, fresh fruit, eggs and apricot juice for breakfast. And then I told them about the girl in my bed last night. They laughed when I apologized to them for my cooking and told them I would turn over a new leaf.

Off to the run/bike.

Update 4/18/10: New training plan works out great - always do the bike first. Also, for those who haven't figured it out already. The only girl in my bed tonight is my cat. She's named Kali, after the Indian Goddess of fate and time. For what its worth, last night, I also had a boy in my bed as well. Pebbles. A fat gray cat. The kids laughed. My x didn't laugh, but fortunately for me, I was able to find a way to put my wedding ring back on today. Easier to get everything done when people don't hassle you.