Four Iron

I started off with four iron yesterday at the driving range and I almost didn't have to go anywhere else. Four iron is a great club to do a swing check with - its got a little bit of length, and at the same time its just inside and down far enough to be able to tell you where you want to go with your 5,6,7 as well as your 3, and Driver.

The driver is a violent swing, and really a different animal than your four but it's pretty easy to adjust and after all - a swing, is a swing.

Hitting well kind of rubs off on everyone around you. My son wanted to hit four but he had to choke so far up the club I felt it better to give him my 60 degree wedge and let him hit that so that at least he can hold a little grip. Before you know it that kid was hitting them high and soft and 20 yards.

My daughter, who was reading a book - decided that she would catch me on the putting green while my son was slapping balls downrange - and inform me that it was time to go. Following me around the putting green, and over to the driving range - I was treated to a break from her badgering - long enough for me to encourage her to try and hit a shot. Unfortunately for me, I tried a little trash talking off the teebox with her.. I said to my son we'd probably want to back up and get to the side in case she hit it backwards.

And she missed the ball and, ok.. then got really pissed off at me and didn't try again. Thats a common pattern with her. If she fucks up, its someone else's fault. I think she gets it from her mom. So . I didn't get to see her really hit. This is my fault, though. I guess. I was just talkin' trash.. :D

My son and I hit some nice ones yesterday. Dead straight and long. Our misses were also pretty spectacular. Unfortunately. My son has this thing going about Minnesota, and real estate. He wants to be a real estate agent (?) and live in Minnesota (??) .. and he separated the driving range into four parts "Wisconsin" and "Minnesota" and then north and south for each. So a really good shot was "Duluth"... and then of course if you shanked it you got "Madison".

Part of this thing has to do with the fact that he knows that Charles Schultz came from Minnesota and he wants to go see Snoopy and Linus and Lucy Van Pelt. I remember what it was like. :) I once had my mom buy a pair of "batman" tennis shoes because I thought it would make me jump like batman.

Now if only there was something I could buy that made me hit the ball like Phil Mickelson...


Anonymous said…
You couldn't hit a four iron to save your fucking life.
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