Sending Poetry to the Taxman

I see you there
Is that a desktop calculator?
I never realized how much fun
it would be to get everything done
like deleting unwanted mail
or cleaning my home

What really bothers me
is my partially disassembled steam cleaner
I downloaded the PDFs
But they don't make sense
then again, I don't care
I just want it out of there

I am working for you
Counting the money I made
sending you, your due

I plan to go to Washington
just to visit my money
And see how its been doing
You know
Make sure its happy
Check up on it
See if it's lonely
It would be nice to meet the taxman
I always guessed it would be like the film
Seven Pounds
But then again
I would never know
I'm not about to give you a reason
to come to my door


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