The Scary Fact about Heavy Geometry

The scary fact about heavy geometry I laid out in the previous post is that if anyone discovers it, its probably going to be the fuckin' Chinese and we're going to have to deal with all their Chinese zodiac shit when it all goes down.

I don't think it means we'll all have to learn to eat with chopsticks but we should probably be careful about all the birth year stuff. I had someone leave on their phone by mistake and make a call out to me when they thought they were texting me. I listened to this micro-party between this one guy, and these two girls, and some type of drink that they were supposed to be drinking (or rather, she was not supposed to be drinking).

If you've read this blog long enough you know that sometimes I just bang something out to put lines between two cool music videos.

This is, however, a warning that if we don't get our ass in gear we may end up having to suck up to the Chinese. The Japanese, I can deal with. They're brutal. In a way that I can relate to. (you thought they were polite) But for some reason even they ripped off the Chinese when it came to alot of things.

Then again, who knows how long it will take to crunch all the data and give them their chance. By then, maybe the schoolgirl uniform thing will catch on, and we'll be able to laugh at them like the Japanese.

Just to keep track, they beat us to the punch in genetics, they were first into the Nigeria oil fields while we were screwing around in Iraq, and there are way more of them than there are us.