Yep. I'm an uncle. For the first time in my life. My nephew was born last night. Wow. I just said "nephew". I have a "nephew". Here. Have a cigar

Yesterday was tax day and my internet connection ( the correct technical term is .. "The Damn T1 Line") went down so I have to actually +mail+ my return. Which sucks. And I was scheduled to be into the office to catch up for tons of work that I am supposed to have gotten done over the week. Trying to think back... to my firstborn.... lets see... blurry images of ... was it... days? afterward.... or was it nights...

Lets see how new Dad , with his iPhone "diaper changing scheduler" deals with... "sleep deprivation" . I don't think he and his detail oriented and very beautiful wife .. have that app for the iphone yet.

It seems to me that I have to choose between the path of Tiger Woods. Or Phil Mickelson.

Does Phil Mickelson have a girlfriend?

I am in a quandary. That's one of our elite 'uncle' words that means, I have no idea what I should do? Should I truck down to the islands in search of newborn feets or should I wait until next weekend? I'm leaning to the next weekend. But its not like I have a clue.