Moon is a film set in a future where the energy needs of earth are met by the largely automated mining operation on the far side of the moon.

At first it would appear that the one man crew of the station, is set to be let off at the end of his 3 year contract. However, the storyline unfolds to one of endless extension - an apparent corporate error keeping him on the station forever. As best as I can tell, he has an accident in a rover - gets killed, and then subsequently ends up being written off for dead. Only to be discovered alive again.

The station is encircled with jamming devices that prevent commlink to earth. Again, apparently to cover the corporate error.

Against odds, the main character - or perhaps a clone of the main character - finds a way to return to eart. The last lines of the film die away with a caller to a radio talk show angrily denouncing this returned being as either an imposter or an illegal alien.

The kind of talk show that gets syndicated by news media entertainment companies. The kind whose radio talk show host isn't really interested in what you want to say. The kind that won't really take your call.

The Moon is an indie film, painted in tones of entropy and gray dust - that brings to bear a new form of evil. Not the kind that could be tagged with a national slogan , or an ideological frame. But rather. A corporate logo.

The fact that, at the end of the film - we don't know the actual body count. Only goes along for the ride. It is an unsettling, beautiful film. Hemmingway once wrote in "The Sun Also Rises" .. "We had been to some places good, others not so good. Then again, maybe we were not so good when we were in them." Watching this film in an extremely tired frame of mind - I slipped in and out of consciousness. And waking, I felt a sense that perhaps I really wasn't who I thought I was. Or that I was falling apart bit by bit. Perhaps you've felt this feeling before. It's called monday morning.

Wake me when its quitting time.