How to Get More Things Done.

This blog takes alot of care and feeding, and to be honest - if I actually had a woman in my life I would probably be doing something else. It is also, however, a personal blog and it follows strict rule that whatever I want to write about, I can. Ok. So. Today I have to make deadline on a few projects that are looming, and I am looking forward to making that deadline by lunchtime tomorrow so that I can celebrate by doing a power lunch. I won't bore you with what I have to get done. Suffice to say that I was up at 3 am last night finishing up. Here's how I'm going to make deadline, and get more things done.

  1. First, I'm going to eliminate unecessary conversation. I will ask myself. Does this convo help me to get what I need to complete - done. If it doesn't. Burn it.
  2. Delegate. One of my programmers got hurt wakeboarding. Another is M.I.A. (not the singer) But I am going to track down that guy and see if he can't help me code. If you can delegate. Do so.
  3. Don't do business lunch. Simple rule. I am eating in my office today. If they want to meet me for lunch, they can stop by for a bite.
  4. I'm not answering my phone. There is exactly one exception to this. And I'm not telling you her name. And the same goes for text messages. If they're not from the one person I will let through the screen. Otherwise I'm not answering
  5. Go after the most important thing on the list, first. But work down the list

I do take care of this blog, but you also have to understand that this post today took exactly 12 minutes to write and its going to save my deadline. And I really don't care if I bore anyone or not. Its not like this blog gets read by anyone. Well. Ok, except for the 76,112 users in the last cycle and the 4,218 hardcore users in the US and Europe. And my Mom. Who pretends she doesn't.

But I know she does anyway. And yes, it does creep me out. Especially when I'm writing about kink. But that's ok. This is my personal blog. It's all me. Mostly. Except when I drop in from youtube. I will one day convert all that to HTML 5 and track down what those monsters from the record company did to all my old video clips out there. The tips I laid out here were for my use - hopefully have a use for them as well. I do give credit to Dr. Bob Parsons for at least two of them. If you want to see his version, and a smokin' hot blonde. Go here. This is my blog. I get to do what I want. And right now that means work. And this is a picture of Bettie Page.

Just Kidding. THIS is a picture of Bettie Page!

Happy Thursday! No more updates until tomorrow after lunch.


Anonymous said…
you so totaly have a thing for bettie page