KO vs. PEP and a Random Thought

I am gloating today about news that hit the market regarding Coke enterprises. My kids are in Pepsi, for their stock fund. Its an easy investment call. All I have to do each year is figure out when to buy the stock.

I was sweating bullets because it looks like the economy was turning and I missed the window at the beginning of the year - it was trading at 60.00 a share.. climbing up towards 66/70 ... and for PEP thats a good climb in three months . For some reason commercial real estate still hasn't hit the fan yet / the toxic assets that the banks are holding on their balance sheet are still out there in suspense somehow, and the market definitely started heading into Bull territory. All in all, it looked like I was in bad shape. And this was even worse because I found an old envelope of money and wanted to make a double buy.

Today, Coca Cola announced they beat their profit projections by a large margin and they raised their projections for this year. This will kick the living hell out of Pepsi, they're already down a full point (remember, we're talking about a Blue Chip stock here)... and I'm smiling. Now all I have to do is send in our proxy information, make sure the board is heading in the right direction to respond to the challenge + wait until the stock is completely hammered. And then I get to send in those four envelopes and hope nothing happens in the four days it takes to make the trade.

Take a look at Pepsi over the 5,10, and 20 year chart and tell me what you see.

Random Thought: I have decided the first thing that I am going to buy when I make my first ..er.. second.. ah.. ok. My first... +personal+ million.

The very first thing that I want to buy - I've already bought. A safety deposit box. I just need to get a bigger one... then..

I'm going to get a) a secretary or b) a manservant. If its a manservant, he's going to be trustworthy and loyal and he's going to do exactly what I tell him to do, and we're going to get along just fine. If its a secretary, she's going to be all of the above, plus the implicit rule that I'm not going to fuck her and she's going to look like Bettie Page. Because I'm a millionaire.

I know exactly what I want them to do for me, and after I get one or the other (not both) I will wait two months before I spend anything else and just have them work for me and make sure I picked the right person. The whole time I will be checking to see if I can trust them.

And then after that, its going to get fun. The next thing I will buy is a private investigator - one that can report to either myself, or my secretary (equivalently, manservant). And I'm going to start hunting people down. Just for fun. I will have files on everyone. Anything and everything I want to know - I will have him or her find out for me. Mostly contact information, I guess. After all that is done I will throw the biggest party you've ever seen. Jamirocquai will blush.

Then I'm going to have someone scan everything I have and go paperless for all my records and things except whats locked in my safe, or safety deposit box. And lock it up with a biometric and give the password to someone in my will. And finally I'm going to start a blind trust. And thats where I'll operate and where my kids will go to draw from the well.

And then I'm going to buy every girl on my block a bottle of French Perfume and a Color TV. :)