Readers Write

Emily Orr Writes:

Tb, you're going to have to fact the fact that you have a thing for Bettie Page.

Dear Emily.. As an author of a blog whose readership now tops the high two's - and very often, pushing the low three's - I am surprised - nay. Shocked. By this clearly unfounded allegation.

What makes you believe, that I, an impartial and objective man of reason - would have a thing for Bettie Page? Born April 22, 1923 – December 11, 2008 and one of the First Playboy Playmates.. ? Clearly, you are mistaken. I ask you - Where is your evidence, by which you support this casual remark?

Emily, I truly enjoy your blog and I am happy that you are a regular reader of my blog. You are in great company. The three people that read this blog are very lucky indeed - they are riding a wave next generation, twenty first century media interaction wave. Very much unlike Google Wave. I hope. And yet, valued reader - as I write this reply to your comment, I am quietly nodding my head - for you to claim that I have a thing for Bettie? .. Cleary, you are mistaken. If I had a thing for Bettie Page, you would find me in untenable arguments trying to defend her against others -like those two girls today who dared to assert that she was a hussy - and you would also find herewith, on this stately and noble blog - frequent occurrence of my carefully discovering and re-discovering her body.. of work.

As anuthor and creator of all content on this blog - with the exception of some fairly gratuitously posted record lyrics clearly identified , and passed off as poetry - I would encourage you to carefully weigh your assertion that I have a "thing" as you call it, for Bettie Page.


Emilly Orr said…
*cackles maniacally*

Well played. You are forgiven. Obviously you have no such 'thing', you are merely a deep and ardent admirer of Ms. Page. I sit corrected.
Anonymous said…
whats that all about