Banner Ad While God is Talking

One of the moments of my life I tend to remember in a strangely vivid manner - was the time that my wife and I were at the Atlanta airport, and a fellow traveller struck up a conversation with us on our way to India. The conversation turned toward the subject of India. She was a kind woman, and given to dramatic expressions involving her hand. She reminded me of Maude, from the film Harold and Maude.

During the course of the conversation she related to us that "You have not lived until you have experienced the glittering darkness of Kali".

Kali, primarily concerns herself with fate and time. For some reason there is cult centered around her called 'thugee', from which the word 'thug' is derived, by the way - that really enjoys sacrificing virgins to her. Virginity is a highly overrated experience. The types of sacrifices that work best often don't line up with things having to do with awkward high school moments, you know - like drinking vodka, smoking pot, or lingerie and your parents bed (they still don't know)(don't tell them). Not surprisingly, the thuggee cult is struggling. And most people that drink alot of booze and pretend that they're still in High School kind pay for it.. I think I remember somewhere that quitting smoking really makes you look better. Can't remember. Anyway.

If she wears jewelry during sex it can be hot. A little gold bracelet on the ankle. A necklace. Earrings kind of suck . Though. They diminish earlobe biting. Hmm... I don't know where that came from. Maybe it was a Banner Ad ...

I would write more, but suddenly a bunch of really hot looking girls and fun loving guys broke through my door and , well... all of a sudden there is this unfolding and really cool dance now happening here in my home office.

Hey, its a better way to end this post than "Suddenly a giant Peterbilt crashed throught the wall and killed everyone flat. The End"... right?