Naked as we Came - Iron and Wine

Genesis 28 tells that at one spot a connection exists between heaven and earth—but also that this connection is normally invisible. Genesis 28 is a transformation of the Babel myth (Gen. 11). According to this myth, mankind was not able to establish a connection between earth and heaven. ... Yet.

We blinded ourselves for days just to see what it was like. To live without sight. And find our way together. Even still. Would it matter if I learned she was dead? What if I found out that you died. Would the connection disappear.

The "Star Husband Tale," is about a war between heaven and earth. Earth beings create a ladder of arrows in order to ascend to heaven. But when they try to escape a counterattack by the inhabitants of heaven, the ladder breaks - disconnecting the two worlds. Creating a dualism. Easy to understand.

There is a temple of god myth- a secret temple - so perfectly built - that is a transformation of the Babel myth, and it whispers that such a connection does exist, made not by man but by the infinite creator. This connection is the source of blessing.

In the Hebrew Bible it is not necessarily heaven and earth that should be kept at a correct distance; a kabala measure. 11:28 p.m. Press return... no, the feeling of a necessary distance between the transcendent origin of culture and culture itself is as vivid as the people on the Amazon, singing their world to the children and staying awake all night partying (because when you don't have any numbers, you don't have time, and its hard to set the your little blackberry to tell you its time to stop fucking and go home). The transcendent origin - they say, is Yahweh, heavenly. In this temple (bethel) he has descended to earth. Any major dude will tell you.

How much has changed in 5,000 or even 25,000 years? You have to close your eyes sometimes. To be able to open them again. It still freaks me out that the vikings tattooed a compass on their forehead to help them find their way back in the fog.