Gaikokujin, Five of Six

It's fucking hard to come up with a cycle
for someone you never met before
What do I write about?
No man is an island
Cut from the continent
But what if she looks hot in a French Maid Outfit?

Ok, how about what I did this morning?
I woke up and made breakfast
And helped my daughter get to school
then my son
And listened to the sound of the trees
I cut aspirins into fourths
the jagged edges and dust
smile tenderly like teeth
I popped one
And a fish oil
And a vitamin
And then I said to myself
I'm not Abkhazian
I am not going to live forever
I'd better finish this cycle
So in peaceful dreams I see
the road leads back to you
I have to know if this is a song to my sister
Or a song to my brother
A song to my mother
or to my lover
She's mentally correcting my grammar
No way to know for sure
Unless I cross that line
And write the line
Rabindranath Tagore
Women are quick to perceive real feelings
Have you ever been in love?
Fighting amor
someone stole the life from you?
and now they're back for more
Laying down in the devil's lair
Sailing into the sun
I'll be baptized there
Copping record lyrics passing them off as my own
Isn't going to get this done
So I'm sailing on
out into Bermuda blue
Compass needle breaks
Like the heart I gave to you

Where's the music?