Why I Play Second Life, Part Four

And yes, it counts if you only login once every year or so.. :) ... This is a fly-through of a Second Life model.. designed by Wizard Gynoid (search for it in there), and its also a glass structure that you can buy - that is in itself based on a three space (read, our world) projection of the E8 group (read: the real universe). I've talked alot about this geometry here. So I thought it would be fun to actually letcha take a look at it. Hopefully we've beaten the chinese to heavy geometry. If so, that means they've got to listen to us talk about surfing and stuff...

E8 Polytope Sculpture from Matthew Fowler on Vimeo.

Stuff like this is why I still sometimes login and check things out over there. Well. Ok. That, and there is this girl in there... that I swear I am not stalking. I promise. Honest. No, seriously.

Well ok. She's been telling me to go away now for umm... three years..? It's ok. I made this alt avatar named Devil something... she's not so angry at him. Plus, he gets to go where I want him to go.

Seriously, check it out. And if you want to buy the glass sculpture, you can buy it here from Bathsheba Grossman