Gaikokujin, Two of Six

A small business
An old sweet song
How did you understand healthcare reform?

Did the law go into effect for you?
Did it solve your problem
A song of you

Comes as sweet and clear
As moonlight through the trees

Did you file
the peaceful forms
And at once , begun
to be able to purchase without condition
Peace of mind

I nod my head slowly
Life keeps on going on
How did I miss the final part
As your leader
I assure you
If you disagree with a course of action
tell me
but give me the chance to convince you
and I promise you
that no subject will be taboo

that I will sail on
into the dark blue
between the devil and a star
to touch your feet
and play with baby kitties
the house remix version
where you wear your red shoes
that shine
like ink
on an unpaid invoice
like blood drawn for signature
and at last, use healthcare reform
to saves the part of me
every night
every day
every dawn
I owe you one

I am not perfect
I am baptized by the acid that leeches flesh from bone
to the shape of the holy cross
Find at my desk
a skeleton
filling out form
the faint smell of redwood and carbon
counting the cars
a push pin pink pearl pig
hearing the words of your voice
the voice of no one
I admit this
that at least in part you are America
I owe you my loyalty
At least enough
to finish six out of six
And the cycle continue

So hey
About healthcare reform?
Thanks for the clue
You make me want to live
like I want to live
And yeah, maybe we're not even friends
but we'd know better than to try and pretend
You take it on faith
You take it to the heart
One, and two of six
Not a bad start