Abiogenesis, Aging and Memory

Its well known that a symptom of the disease that causes the aging effect is the irregular and vivid recall of memory.

It is also recently discovered that certain forms of neuroplastic recovery unlock memory. Like a flashback, only forward - one that increases your awareness.

Many types of disease flashback and , perhaps - the age disease recall are related to fever dream. When you see an old person, just remember, they're actually about 30 and suffering from a serious illness that will kill them.

Shore them up with the right combination of Telomerase or Stemcell cocktail and in 3 months they will turn into a 30 year old. Just like when you woke up from a fever after looking pale and breaking into cold sweat. Nobody ever looks good fighting a disease. And disease is a turn off.

Young women look attractive, mostly because they are sending signals of health. Age is not an inevitability, its a disease that can be cured. Immortality is within our reach. Don't believe me? Hold that thought.

Yes, this is a rock'n bod. And yes, she was married to a rocker.

Do three things please: 1. Educate yourself, its an investment in you, and you deserve it. 2. Work really hard and make things happen, you can do it. Any job is fine, just be the best. Make sure the harder you work the more you eventually get paid. and 3. Be excellent to each other. Party on, dudes. Most of the therapies to fight the illness that causes aging and death in humans are still nascent and dangerous (some of them will cause cancer). Some of them are starting to work. This is going to happen in your lifetime. Our? Lifetime.

Ok. Now. How old is the babe in the swimsuit? 30, right?