What was That?

My research paper just leapt right out of me. At least the first six pages or so. Incredible. Its even focussed . Seven pages to go and I'm done.

Here are some things I've been doing with you, that you haven't even noticed. Identifying speech acts - locating 'important' words and phrases, improving rejection accuracy, finding topic segment boundaries, locating and processing disfluences or asystematic prosody variance, indentifying user corrections in dialogue and identifying speaker and speaker rhythms, detecting speaker emotion. The collection of appropriate corporate and development of useful prosodic labelling schemes - its all over the place.

The cricket tries to fit a certain number of chirps into a certain timeframe, he'll speed up and slow down but always trying to get a certain number done. Thats why, if you count a cricket's chirps it will tell you , to within 3 degrees, the night air temperature.

The prevailing metric of success is how well a system interacts with the enduser. In the case of the cricket, I wonder if knowing the air temp is some kind of riff to join the band. I bet if you can't feel. You have a hard time getting in right.

I bet the female cricket wants someone who can feel. Ok. This is good for me. I'm off to bed. For a catnap.

I hate cats.