Fighting for Our Freedom

There are those who say
We're fighting for choice
We'll keep Government out of Healthcare
they'd drive our car
into the ocean

They're fighting for choice

They're fighting for the American Way

They're fighting to keep things the same

I didn't tell them our system
was a wave of mutilation

I just thought about the guy
who had to choose which finger to sew back on
because he couldn't afford to pay
They're fighting for that kind of choice

I thought about the little girl
who wasn't allowed to be at a hospital
because her HMO
would have overcharged her mom
and how her mother cried
and held the picture of her to her chest
They're fighting for that kind of choice

There was a choice the returning soldier
made , in England, coming home from the war
it was, thanks to national health -
going to the doctor and getting cured
and going to the doctor and then getting cured

But Choice is Important
Brought to you by our Corporate Sponsors

I thought of going to the library, and instead of objectivity
we would get infinite jest - this book sponsored by
the latest corporate interest
maybe they will teach english by slogan

The fire departments used to be run by Insurance companies?
If you weren't covered.
They gave you a choice

Maybe somewhere along the road
The firemen decided, they didn't want to make that choice again
I guess its hard to see the home burn
of family and friends

The people who , health, oppose
fight for the status quo

They don't talk about what happens when Corporate America
wants to store your DNA

Is it fair to say
you trust them ?

Sit in their lobby
and have a drink from their glass
watch them take it backs
and drop it into ultraviolet

They'll use whatever you left on the glass
Skin, saliva, this, that
and run your genetic sequence
right there in the office
and if you don't match
they'll give you your freedom

You think racism is a problem now?
Or nationalism?
Just give the keys of the kingdom
To those that think they are fighting for our freedom

Being from the South, I can tell you
The south believed
they were fighting for America
her second revolution
Be careful of young men
of well meaning and zeal
without understanding

Hey, I still believe the south will rise again
I'm just trying
to keep it real