Story of a Creep

I caught a story today on CNN about a person who kidnapped an 11 year old girl, and kept her in a shed in his backyard. Total creep.

Disease is characterized by a set of conditions and actions from either a person, an organ, or a set of cells - that stray from the tuned, natural behavior expected. For example, if we could withhold telomerase from cells, and set them into a condition where they could not replicate. The body would essentially freeze and start to wear out. That condition would be easily identifiable. And it would be a kind of disease. So, its easy to see this guy is a creep.

He built a prototype of himself - then constructed a social networks that would allow and justify his actions. Its apparent the mind would continue to process the environmental factors and quickly reduce the problem to a state where the person could not maintain equillibrium. His inner voice was bothering him so he attributed another voice and called it God then told everyone he had a secret.

He did have a secret. He was a creep. In the case, his perception of the physical laws of reality became mutable. And he was a blogger. On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog. You really need to be careful out there.

The overriding characteristic of his disease condition is that the perception of basic, observable conditions is completely flawed and demonstrably untrue. The art of his decption was to help people to stop trusting the messenger so that he could then deliver any message he wanted.

The specific characteristics of his disease are only of a passing interest to me, personally - because I focus on physical damage. I am good for talking about communication disorder, or perhaps these days - recovery as a result of physical damage. Still, you have to wonder how this guy kept thinking God was talking to him. There are those that believe God is wired in somehow - to the wetware - I wonder... It would be nice to cut this guy's head open and play around, he's obviously not using it.

California is like a bowl of cereal. Once you take away the cream, all you're left with is the nuts and the flakes. I happened to notice this guy thinks we physicists are the enemy.... um.. yeah. In this case. We are.

Update 8/30/09: Its really strange how you can talk about this guy with another guy, and this thing passes between the both of you that you are both completely capable of just. Killing this guy for what he did. I was talking to the guy at the bank about this creep, and he turned to me. Looked me in the eye and said. Just close the door to the room, and give me 20 minutes with that guy. And I knew right then. That 20 minutes later they'd be bringing the creep out in a bodybag. It kind of freaked me out. I knew for a fact the guy I was talking to was dead serious. I guess I would be too. Although for the sake of kindness I'd probably let the Dad of the girl that was kidnapped in on the action. The guy at the bank said, "My method is cheaper and easier"... man. I really hate this guy.