Fractal Time

The definition of fractal time, is time perceived and used by the cognitive process that is associated with the network we use to maintain self or primary consciousness.

The application of a fractal moment, is to use or experience a moment of time, whether with another person, or any other natural experience - so that this moment of time can be either remembered vividly or connect to other thoughts or experiences in a way that the switching fabric of that network is either strengthened , bandwidth upgraded, or established anew.

There are moments in your life you can remember, right now, without effort. These are experienced fractal time. You see them now as vividly as when they were first experienced. They are easy to perceive because they are a part of you.

Time is not normally experienced by past, present and future but rather by finite moments... there is no continuous tic-toc type of flow you are feeling right now - no sense that you are travelling down a river of time to the 5:00 PM quitting time. Instead, you are focussed on one goal, then another - and so on.

And completing those goals gives you a sense of accomplishment. When you sit back in your chair - or when you stop work and reflect - there may be an experience you relive. This is the action of strengthening that network connection you needed to make connections to other types of actions you are planning to accomplish. Our cognitive ability rests entirely on our ability to maintain a well organized campaign against entropy.

Non-fractal time is any time that is perceived without self reflexive characteristics. Which is to say, this is not the basis of memory - for example, a lecture format could be cast in non-fractal time on the spectrum of conscious perception it may and often does hold great educational value however the moment at which the received wisdom becomes such - is that moment when the student realizes and connects it centrally to fractal designs. Think of these as if they are moments that are kept, like spare equipment - in a network room - to be installed. As soon as they are installed, and configured - and the cutover occurs - bandwidth increases.

Is it obvious, I'm into networking? Does it show?


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