Why I Still Play SL

I still go into SL, although its so infrequent I am barely there at all. Total hours this year are, I think .. 1.5 .. played. If that. And in both cases, I was bringing two people in-world, to show them around for their first time. We didn't get around to world building.

SL is an intensely creative medium, my problem was that my wife identified it as a vector for cheating on her and she literally destroyed my keyboard for playing the game. I developed a kind of whipped-dog aversion to the game, whenever I got near it I tucked tail and ran away. It was funny for a while, I would login just to sweep money out of my accounts and friends that I knew in there, would catch me just as I logged and go. Hey are you back? I'd say. No. Just taking money out of my accounts.

My business finally folded in there, so much for that. It can only go so long without your attention, but to my credit I can build businesses that run on their own without me being their to babysit them.

I happened across this clip while I was searching for the duet that Damien Rice played with a Cellist, the one of 'cannonball', and I thought this might give my friends a clue as to what SL is really all about. The creative aspect of SL doesn't show up until you've played it a bit. This was from "Not Possible In Real Life" a second life'r blog.

World Builder from BranitVFX on Vimeo.

Some of the coolest things that happen in SL, are the people who set up Burning Life - a sort of design studio for Burning Man. There are people who are into fashion design, who do some unreal stuff. Architects build models in there, that you can actually walk full scale. Nasa has some neat stuff to see. I wish I knew more, but I've really been out of world. I'm at work today.

Big deadline looms. Peace.


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that was beautiful