Tree of Life

We take bits of ourselves
in peaceful dreams
and break them off
why do we discard, waste, anyway?
hyper efficient
bacteria break them down
the grass to grow greener on our side

we remove hair from our comb
skin, biodegradable soap - discharging our washing machine
at its roots
and it grows

it transforms
and bears fruit

one side makes you larger
one side makes you small

this is medicine
this is your food
touch her skin and she reacts to you
someone stole the life from you
their inflammation
your heart on the floor
you respond , destroying yourself in waves

We saw the horse's leg balloon up to four times its size, we didn't know what to do - it looked like it was going to explode. We called the vet, we put a pressure wrap on it and DMSO. Finally it went back down and looked like it was healed but it came back again, and it comes and goes now. There's a small scar there. As long as that little old scar is there, the doc said he'll be doing this

I pressed my hand today
on his velvety nose
and fed him some fresh grass
And looked into his eye
Green from near his stall

And I wondered if we would ever overcome
all the things that swarm and multiply
in a drop of water

A text message glowed in my cellphone
but I did not read it
and the moon rose over an open field