Five Pages...

This looks embarassing, because it is embarassing. The fifth page is where I start reporting results and I'm missing some data. Grrrr.... You bring everything together, and think that just because you're there the party will start but ...

As embarassed as I am, its still coming together. I plan to hang back today and get through to seven. Once I hit that wall I think I can finish -- the last few pages or so are just discussion, conclusion. Resolution. And then I pass out. The wifeness is angry at me for posting the countdown here, she thinks I'm showing off. No. no. no. no. no. I am not showing off. See that picture above, of the number five? I hate it. I chose it because I hated it. Three days to deadline.... I get to blogstomp this post if I make it past 7 today.

This just in. Someone. Somewhere. Is celebrating a birthday somewhere around this time of year. We have word that it is, in fact, someone fairly cool. Breaking news.... a message from the far future has arrived to our studios.... :

Party On, Dudes. Be. Excellent to each other!*

* (Assume voice of Keanu Reeves) Yes, readers. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure may in fact be a documentary. If, as I , you suspected it all along. Then more time to you.

Update: I am going to halt countdown at 5 until I get the next dataset in and if it arrives too late I'm toast. I have ... two days... left.


Deep Water.