Look me in the eye when I am talking to you
pay attention
I will call you by your full name
I will make you understand
We will talk this out

Tell me what you think is wrong
What could have been a better way?
Sit down

And now I am going to give you a choice
between two options , I made them both
You see
This is for your own good

This is going to hurt Me
More than it's going to hurt you

Lets identify the belief

behind the behavior

Funny thing about slaves
You're cuffed to them

Doesn't that come with having small tits?
Doesn't a girl need something more?
Touch it
It's full of stars

I play the moonlight
Your eyes a wicked gleam
Lets count our blessings
While I count something else
A perfect circle
with words no-one express

Will you see it coming?
Welcome, Love
to the Dark Garden


Anonymous said…
fuck you