Taking them apart

I take things apart
I put them back together
I make new things
and make old things new again
I build bits and pieces of the future
I help people to work
I help people to speak
I help them to think
I attack where you live
I pass no judgements
I am your fucktoy
I am your husband
I am your lover
I am your friend
I make war
I make love
I make peace
I am chaos
dark winged night
the center of your dreams
that now take flight

I am a cup
and I am big enough
and strong enough to hold the light
that flows like a liquid
I am space and time
Just born
Just found

> I take them apart
put them back together again

Each small victory
each success
where the dark eye glances
and where we escape stress
where we find hope
and pain and joy

I am your nightmare
a little baby boy
I live in the dark
I explode in the night
I shatter through the clouds
to the long kiss goodnight

I am a soldier
I am a saint
I am a poet
I am a faint
of a human
an image of a man

I plan the work
I work the plan

I am a raindance
I am the sand
I am the heart
held in her teeth
I am the head
that started to bleed
I am Jakob
I am Esau
I am a dream
and nightmare
I am 20
I am 5
I am dead
I am alive
I am happy
I am sad
I am just another
single dad
sitting at his workstation upstairs
two sleeping children

The miles and the distance
between us today
Keep us separate
Make us pay
Just to say hello
Just to say goodbye
We sing japanese songs
and hold hands
and swim in the cold water
and pretend to call on our cellphone