Dogma - KMFDM

all we want is a headrush
all we want is to get out of our skin for a while
we have nothing to lose because we don't have anything
anything we want anyway...
we used to hate people
now we just make fun of them
it's more effective that way
we don't live
we just scratch on day to day
with nothing but matchbooks and sarcasm in our pockets
and all we are waiting for is for something worth waiting for

let's admit america gets the celebrities we deserve
let's stop saying "don't quote me" because if no one quotes you
you probably haven't said a thing worth saying

we need something to kill the pain of all that nothing inside
we all just want to die a little bit
we fear that pop-culture
is the only culture we're ever going to have

we want to stop reading magazines
stop watching tv
stop caring about hollywood
but we're addicted to the things we hate
we don't run washington and no one really does
ask not what you can do for your country
ask what your country did to you

the only reason you're still alive is because someone
has decided to let you live

we owe so much money we're not broke we're broken
we're so poor we can't even pay attention

so what do you want
you want to be famous and rich and happy
but you're terrified you have nothing to offer this world
nothing to say and no way to say it
but you can say it in three languages

you are more than the sum of what you consume
desire is not an occupation
you are ultimately thrilled and desperate
skyhigh and fucked
let's stop praying for someone to save us and start saving ourselves
let's stop this and start over
let's go out
let's keep going

this is your life
this is your fucking life
we need something to kill the pain of all that nothing inside
quit whining you haven't done anything wrong because frankly
you haven't done much of anything
someone's writing down your mistakes.
someone's documenting your downfall.