For the Health of Our Country and Leader

The Lobbyists have paid off enough people, starting with Max Baucus - to have pushed the Obama presidency, in its first year - to the verge of its first major crisis in domestic policy. Bear in mind that a presidency is an executive branch of government - we saw over the weekend that branch of the government almost fold to the corrupting influence of the lobbyists.

Bizarre messages, like a person in a fever dream - started coming out of the white house - like, for example a call to bipartisanship with republicans - all of whom flat out opposed every policy and have all signed on to oppose health reform in America - they stand against people like my wife, who cannot get healthcare because she had been severely ill - no preventative now for her, or anyone else like her. They stand against Veterans and military families . And the 140 million people and 76% of all Americans that support healthcare reform and want single payer included in the universal package.

Think of this: 76% support in the public, for things like the so called 'public option' which is really just the option - there is no reform without it.. and a 60/40 control structure in the white house. And there's call to "bipartisanship" and deletion of that reform. Wrong answer.

Tell President Obama To Stick to His Guns. This is really about whether or not change will succeed in America.

Update: A recent poll now shows the healthcare option now has the support of 83% of Americans. 1. "New Poll Shows Tremendous Support for Public Health Care Option," Blog for Our Future, June 15, 2009.

Here's the link to your senator.. In Atlanta, the numbers are:
Senator Saxby Chambliss
District Offices:
Atlanta: 770-763-9090
Augusta: 706-650-1555
Macon: 478-741-1417
Moultrie: 229-985-2112

Senator Johnny Isakson
Atlanta District Office: 770-661-0999

Dean seems to be working on the issue, and so is Good luck. You're going up against almost 2 million dollars a day. You can do it.


Anonymous said…
Tb my word is you've got enough votes in the house to pass the healthcare bill with a good single payer option, full win.

Heard Max "bipartisan" Baucus got paid off and is assembling a gang of six to skullfuck the bill when it hits senate floor.

so. agree this is about the senate.
GL with this.