Those Three Words

I have a friend, perhaps more than a friend - an evolving friendship whose foundation at least in part depends on her own ability to be herself. When you are many things to many people, its not always as easy as it seems. She is intensely protective of her private life, completely unwilling to waste minutes on me with her cellphone - and other things conducive to the state of non-affair relationship limbo that we experience.

You can get out of limbo, right? I'm just checking here.

Because all I really have is conversation - there's no physical contact or dating here - I listen for the moments I feel she becomes herself or approaches herself. Its worthwhile. She's worth listening to. She can be very real.

I thought I heard something like this- from Sonia Sotomayor as she took the oath of office in three of a sequence of four words she spoke from the heart.

Its a nice feeling to see someone capable, in a job they can really excell within. It seems a bit like a puzzle piece falling into place. You can hear it in her voice if you listen. Something , we thought wouldn't happen - is now real.

More time to her.


Anonymous said…
which three words?