New Labels for Cigarettes

New warning labels scheduled to go on-package by 2012. Images courtesy of the CDC.

One has to wonder, if healthcare passes - what sort of chain of events might occur to raise American life expectancy past 50th in the world? These images are actually on cartons in Canada. It is an illustration of what can happen when agencies like the FDA and the National Health Service , effectively can see each other's data.

I find some of them, heavy handed - I don't think smoking particularly causes impotence. I happen to know a few people who are extremely active and don't necessarily see an effect from smoking. I also do not think we'll end up with Big Brother, as a result of Healthcare passing - I do however think its interesting that lobbyists seem to be unable to stop the decline of the American tobacco industry - I am told that these types of labels will be on cigarettes in America in 2009, so this didn't happen as a result of healthcare - but things like this probably will occur.

Is this uncool?