Why I Want to Leave America

Today we learned that over the weekend, the 1.6 million dollars spent per day by the Insurance Lobbyists, paid off. They bought themselves a president.

The Obama administration decided to drop healthcare reform - their new language is "health insurance company reform". As if.

This is the way to fight it. Stand with Dr. Dean

Sign the petition. We put it up about 20 hours ago, and its already got 400,000 signatures. Please let the administration know this is the wrong way to go. This is not the time for half measures. With a 60/40 control of the senate, this reform can and will pass.

America is a beacon of democracy, not lobbyism.


Anonymous said…
you can't really leave country to solve a problem like this, grassley today said no matter what kind of deal the dems will offer he's going to knock it back down so this is really whether or not the dems will actually try to do anything while they're in office, and thats just apathy. its everywhere. sorry tb