Goodbye - Kristinia Debarge

I'm going to start a countdown (count up) to the end of the longest running research project ever to cross my desk. The next posts will be numbers. Each number will be a number of pages left counting back from the target submission length of 14 pages(my research coordinator and mentor at the NIH encouraged me to keep it short and for a grant like this, 14 is about as short as it gets (9 research objectives)). I'm pretty excited about this. Its the second time this year I've been sort of emotionally and psychologically unlocked about something so I'm hanging back here to finish up. Yeah, I know. Saturday afternoon. But I have to give a talk on this thing next week. So. Might as well.

I'll be glad when all of this is out the door.

I noticed the guys that are deleting audio off youtube might be using something developed by some people here in Atlanta f/k/a the FastTalk algorithm. It can be shut down by putting silence up.

Anyway, colorless. I'm out. Almost done fixing my iPod + then its going to be posting countdown to publication. (total cost of new iPod: so far 3.79 plus tax, cost of the missing jeweler's screwdriver. Thing still has a busted center wheel but I'm not done with it yet.)

My research goal was to keep most of the key things I've been working on out here - things that I see as walking along the same road, I would like to see more of. For example. The Korg Tuner that warms my heart. Sennheiser audio. Things like that. It will all work.